Celebrating the Wins (Even Small Ones)

As a writer, you don’t often get positive feedback, so when you do, you gotta celebrate. Even the little insignificant wins can be enough to keep you going.

Yesterday, I won two really fun contests on two separate blogs, both relating to flash fiction (very short fiction). There are no prizes, except the two nifty badges now displayed on my site, but it’s still nice to feel a little love. Writers (well, all creative types) need some love now and again.


I’ve entered Leah’s #5MinuteFiction contest in the past, and have been a finalist before, but never won. You can’t imagine how hard it is to write a cohesive, interesting story in only FIVE MINUTES!

Read My Winning Entry on Leah’s Blog


After winning Leah’s contest, I noticed one of the other finalists, Tracey, had a weekly contest of her own. I decided to try that one too, and I can’t believe I won again! Her gang seems to be much more heavily into the romance genre and I’m a scifi/fantasy geek, so I felt a little out of place, but I gave it a go and brought home the badge! Yippee!

Read My Winning Entry on Tracey’s Blog

Now that I’ve patted myself on the back, I have a renewed energy to keep writing and to enjoy life’s small wins!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating the Wins (Even Small Ones)

  1. Tracey M. Hansen says:

    Sarah, go grab the winners badge from my site to display. It says winner in red. Much better then the plain one now posted on your site. I think it’s so great you won both contests! My contestants just seem to be pervs but we are def not a romance competition!! But I love those fuckers sooo much. Last week was a sci-fi judge. I like to keep it interesting! Hope to see you next Wednesday! If you win again I will have to make you a specialty badge!

  2. saraheolson says:

    I’ll try to stop by again next week. These flash fiction contests are so much fun.

    I think I grabbed the right badge now. :-)

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