Is it too late for a New Years Resolution?

I was on vacation with my Mom, Grandma, aunts and cousin a few weeks ago in Newport, OR. It was a beautiful town and we had many wonderful adventures in the few days I was there. The great thing about my family is that we’re all very artistic. We shopped at a few galleries in Newport and I bought a few small things for my hubby and daughter. I always like to purchase one small piece of art to bring home with me as a memento of my travels, but I always have a hard time deciding on one, so I almost never buy anything. Here’s my problem: most of the art I see in these galleries is something I could reproduce at home and adjust it to my liking. I have to really LOVE something in order to spend the money on it, and it takes a lot for me to love. I need inspiration to slap me across the face so hard my wallet falls out of my purse and lands directly into the gallery owner’s hands (and somehow that almost never happens).

I feel bad about not buying things, because I love supporting local artists and craftsmen. But cash is tight and I can’t justify the expense unless I absolutely must own the art. The art I find is decent, but no where near extraordinary. These shops usually sell landscapes and wildlife paintings, not really my cup of tee. I want something more.

So, I may see something fun, and think I’ll take an idea or two home to use it in my own art. I never do. I haven’t done any painting in years. UNTIL NOW.

I have a renewed vigor for art. But not just painting, ART. I want to create. I want to tell stories. It doesn’t matter what form the story comes in, if it’s painting, drawing, prose, poetry, dancing, etc. When I create something, I feel alive. I feel happy. I feel special. It’s a good feeling. Why don’t I do this more often?

It was a bit strange how this inspiration struck me. On the trip, my aunt pressed us to take a personality quiz to find out what color our personality symbolized (See book here). She expected us to all be green, but only a few of us were. As alike as we all are, we are still very different. I was a green. And when I heard the description of green, this one characteristic really struck me: likes to start new projects but never finishes any. Yes, yes this is me. I love new things. I have a million hobbies, all artistic in nature, and once I find a new hobby I no longer have time for the old ones. Jack of all trades, master of none. Inspiration hits and I run with it but fizzle out before I reach the finish line. UNTIL NOW.

Here’s my new resolution. Every day, I must create something. SOMETHING. It could be writing flash fiction or a poem. It could be creating the base for a new painting, or modifying an existing painting. Maybe even FINISHING a painting. Then, I will mark my progress on this here blog to prove to you and myself that I am following through with it. Hopefully, I post something every day. If not, I will hang my head in shame.

Here’s what I’ve been working on so far this week. We’ll count this as my Week One.

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