Look at all these things I have created today!

I wrote three stories!

1) #5MinuteFiction flash fiction contest (see here). Sadly, I was not a finalist this time. I actually wrote this yesterday but I forgot to post it, so now it counts as today.

Ben stared at the screen, horrified. He couldn’t imagine what he had done to deserve it. He thought back on the day, the week, the month, the year, the decade. He replayed every moment of the lasthundred years of his short life, and couldn’t come up with a single slant or insult he’d delivered that could boomerang back and blindside him the way his sister had just done. This was war.

He flicked off the terminal in his room, cringing at the raucous laughter of the boys in the room next door, and smashed a fist through the screen. He wrapped a towel around his bloody hand and grabbed the keys to his podcraft. He stalked down the hallway and glared at anyone who dared peek out of their rooms. Their heads immediately vanished when the say the look on his face.

Ben reached his podcraft quickly and jammed the key into the ignition. A smile festered on his face when the ship’s main hatch opened. He checked the system’s onboard maps to verify his target’s location. Emily always went straight back to her room after dinner to finish her homework. Room 241, second level, right next to the game room with its wide, brightly lit windows that illuminated the darkness of space around it. Just a short ride around the craft to her room on the other side.

He hoped she kept her shades drawn. She’d never know what hit her.

This was war.

2) #HumpDayChallenge story (see here).

I whispered softly in his ear. Brushing the sand from his face, I rubbed my lips on his smooth cold skin and kissed his cheek gently. As gentle as a warrior can be. 

I left him there and climbed higher. The loose rocks slipped beneath my sandals, but my prestigious feet never failed to find purchase. I caressed the side of the mountain, trailing my hand across its face like that of my lover. I closed my eyes and leaned against the cool granite. With a sigh, I whispered his name to the wind and climbed higher. 

3) Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge (see here). This one has its own post already so I won’t paste it here again.


Since I wrote three stories, I didn’t really have to do any art today. But then I felt like I should, so I made this. It’s a happy turtle.

Happy Turtle

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