Flash Fiction: Savoring the Sweet Taste of Revenge

I plunge the knife deep into your heart. I imagine the burn from that slice through your most vital organ. Blood spills out over the granite counter, pooling in a shallow puddle around my feet. My fingers cradle your heart for its final shuddering beats. Your body stills, forever frozen in its last moment of life. I rip off your skin, then chop you up into bite-sized bits. I drop you into the stew. The garlic and onions add to the symphony of smells I’ve conducted with your flesh.

That’s what you get for biting my finger, you little fucker.

TerribleMinds Flash Fiction Challenge: 100 Words on the Subject of Revenge

9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Savoring the Sweet Taste of Revenge

  1. Bob Bois says:

    Is there anything you’d like to tell us, Sarah? C’mon…unburden yourself. You’ll feel so much better. Nice story…at least the narrator’s response was proportional to the original assault…

  2. saraheolson says:

    Yeah, I’ll admit this one got a little creepy. I might blame it on mommy sleep deprivation, but since my writing tends toward the dark side on a normal day, it’s probably just me. IT’S JUST FICTION, I SWEAR! *nervously glances side to side*

    Or maybe it’s just all the slush and flash fiction I read…yeah, that’s it. You crazy writers are dragging me down into your demented wordslinging worlds!

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