Mysterious Paper Sculptures

First, read this:

Mysterious Paper Sculptures

Now I’m going to tell you how wonderful I think this is…

1) It combines two of my passions: art and writing.

2) I love the secretive nature of the artist, and the opportunity s/he provides for people to discover these pieces on their own. How magical!

3) The artist is thanking establishments that truly need our support these days. Libraries are dying, and we need to find ways to keep them alive.

4) The actual art itself is amazing, so intricate and whimsical. I wish I could get a closer look at each one.

5) I could see this as a movement, artists creating works all over the world and leaving them inside the places that’ve shaped their career, or provided them help along the way, or even just places they love or admire. What a wonderful way to say thank you!

I am inspired to give back to the institutions that I support in such a wonderful way. Look out Mpls libraries, you might be discovering art inside your own walls someday!

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