Flash Fiction: Race for the Cure

CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION: Incorporate 3 of these 5 words into a 100 word story: enzyme, ivy, bishop, blister, lollipop.

Girl embracing an elephant

Enzymes extracted from the hair of an African elephant provided the antidote, so when Ivy licked the medicinal lollipop, her mind recalled the putrid odor of the city zoo.

“Mommy, this tastes like elephant ass,” she said with a sour face.

“Don’t say ass,” her mother scolded. “Suck on it, like this.” She twirled the lollipop in her mouth with an exaggerated smile.

Ivy wasn’t fooled. “I don’t want it.”

The alarm blared through the hall. Her mother’s face contorted in fear as she forced the lollipop into Ivy’s mouth and held her jaw firmly shut.

Terrible Minds Flash Fiction Challenge: The Numbers Game

Last week was a bit rough, but this week’s story turned out much better. I love the 100 word challenges! They force you to be succinct. 

7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Race for the Cure

  1. BJ Kerry says:

    “Mommy, this tastes like elephant ass,” – is a fantastic line. I think it shoud have been the first line. you open up a whole other world and I want to find out more.
    Great picture.

  2. Dee says:

    lol that is definitely a case of the cure being worse than the disease – i don’t care WHAT the disease is. Made me laugh out loud (in a nervous scary look over your shoulder kind of way)

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