Flash Fiction Challenge: Brand New Monster

My first attempt at writing horror. WARNING – contains sexual content and some (hopefully) scary shit. You’ve been warned.

Challenge rules are here: Terrible Minds Brand New Monster Challenge

Alain stepped through the dense foliage and found her laying naked on the jungle floor. He unbuttoned his sweat-stained shirt and slid off his pants. He kneeled beside her and brushed his fingers across her chocolate skin, glistening with sweat after the long walk from the village.

“You are so beautiful,” he said, his mouth tickling the curve of her ear as he spoke.

Alain’s pulse quickened as his eyes grazed on her body. He’d been trying to bed her since he’d arrived last month, and although she was the most beautiful woman in the village, he never saw her with a man. The other girls would flirt while they gathered food and cooked, but her eyes were always focused on her work, until this evening. His mission group hoisted the last of the hospital’s walls just before the jungle stole the remaining sunlight. After the celebratory feast, he saw her leaning against a tree with a wicked smile and a beckoning hand.

That hand was now in his hair, pulling his face towards hers. She slid her strong, lean legs around his midsection and flipped him onto his back. She licked a slow, deliberate path down his chest. She raised her head to catch his gaze and grinned, then resumed her descent with a muffled giggle.

Alain moaned watching the village woman work her magic. He closed his eyes when it became too much to bear, but instead of a release, his ecstasy continued to grow as spasms seized his body like a massive earthquake. He felt her body slide on top of him, pinning him down to the earth. His vision went white as their bodies rocked together, and a loud thrumming filled his head.

Two loud pops announced the end, along with a searing pain from behind his eye sockets. Another burning fire erupted from his groin. He tried to open his eyes, but there was nothing there, only darkness. His heart raced as he tried to shake free, but his body would not move. The thrumming noise grew louder.

Finally he was able to wrestle his hands free and bring them to his face. His fingers felt the smooth and slimy skin of a warm-blooded creature latched on to the upper half of his face. Tiny talons dug into his skin in an oval around his eyes, covering his forehead down to his nose, and from temple to temple. The skin of the creature undulated in time with the thrums, which seemed to be erupting from small holes along its body. He tried to pry it off his face, but the bond was too strong. His head swam and he tried to scream, but he could barely gather enough air in his lungs to breathe.

He felt the ground around his body in search of a weapon and discovered hard, spindly legs extending from the creature down into the soil, anchoring them both to the ground. Alain pounded the legs with his fist, and one by one they gave way, until finally only a few remained attached. Alain shoved at the creature but was unable to move it. He dug his fingers under the talons, tearing chunks of flesh from his face as he tried to break free. He heard a loud pop, and the pressure on his face was gone.

Alain raised his trembling hands to his head and surveyed the damage, unable to see anything but darkness. Blood rushed down his face from empty eye sockets, and the skin around his eyes was gone, only a few strands of sinewy muscle remained atop the bone. Alain’s screams came easily now, bouncing off the dense foliage of the jungle.

The thrumming grew even louder and a ferocious pain rippled through his body. Alain realized the creature was still attached to him. He reached down and felt it between his legs, covering everything below his navel, with his legs straddling its massive body. He began to kick at it with his feet as he pried it from his body. Another pop, an intense explosion of pain, and then Alain blacked out.

When Alain woke up in the hospital he helped build, the villagers were nowhere to be found. They had disappeared the night before, leaving behind the new hospital, empty thatched huts and a smoldering fire littered with bones from the feast.

Alain returned home with his mission group last weekend, and gave me this confession after I inquired about his injuries. I hope you share my concern for his well-being. My hope is that he can be admitted immediately in order to get the help he so desperately needs.

Father Jones


FYI – I was trying to find a picture of what this monster might look like, and this was the closest thing I could find:

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