Eradicating Bad Slush One Day at a Time

SFSignal’s Tidbits linked to my post, Slush Readers’ Advice for Writers, on their site today. It made me all kinds of happy, especially seeing my name on the same page as Chuck Wendig and John Scalzi. *fangirl sigh*

Thanks again to all the great advice from fellow Apex slushies!

With over 400 views in the past two days, I’m hoping this translates into some improvement in the quality of slush and general correspondence at Apex and other magazines. Writers, remember we are writers too, and we genuinely do want to help you. We’re not evil jerks hellbent on destroying your life, unless you disregard our guidelines and send us your unedited first drafts. Then you’ll suffer the wrath of our nasty rejection emails peppered with disgruntled emoticons and I know you don’t want that!

Also, you may have seen that Apex is looking for more slushies. Come, join us, and bask in the sickly greenish glow of the festering heaps of slush! Actually, some of it is pretty darn good. We live for the pretty darn good ones; they make it all worthwhile.

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