My Bucket List

I’ve had this idea for a post for a while, but haven’t gotten around to posting it….until now.

I’ve always had an overabundance of hobbies (and potential hobbies). Too many interests, too little time. But, as a writer, I justified these interests by using them in my writing. Or at least that’s what I tell myself (and my poor patient hubby) to make it seem worthwhile.

I got to thinking, maybe it’s not so crazy to want to do all these wonderful things. Maybe it’s just a natural part of being a writer. Maybe it’s just a natural part of being a human who loves learning new things.

Today I learned to TANGO. I’ve always loved dancing shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars. The Argentine Tango has always been my favorite. My husband was kind enough to bring me to the Ballroom with a Twist show in Minneapolis last weekend, and I LOVED IT. I decided that night that I must learn to ballroom dance.

So I called Gene Bersten from Dance With Us in Edina and set up an appointment for their special introductory private lesson. I had that lesson today, and IT WAS AMAZING. I’m telling you, I was BORN TO TANGO.

I was probably terrible. But I loved every minute of it.

Because this was such a kickass day, I decided to create a bucket list. Because there are so many wonderful things to do before I die, or before I get too sick or injured to do them.

I’ve been in a crazy good mood all day. I loved this lesson so much that I can’t help but smile. I want every day to be this awesome.

And so I must create this bucket list, and resolve to fulfill my list, because TODAY IS OF TEH AWESOME, and I must have more of it.

So here’s my list (or what I’ve got so far…I’ll keep adding to it as I think of more crazy awesome things to do):

Goal #1: Ballroom Dancing

Awesome but Completely Unrealistic Version: Be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. (Prerequisite: become famous first…see other goals below)

Realistic Version: Take ballroom lessons from a local studio.

Status: Took my first private tango lesson and KICKED-ASS!


Goal #2: Writing

Awesome but Completely Unrealistic Version: Quit my job and become a full-time, bestselling author. Make JK Rowling look like an impoverished bum.

Realistic Version: Publish a short story at a professional magazine.

Status: Short-listed at a semi-pro rate. I’ve subbed mainly to pro zines, because why start at the bottom when you might reach the top…? No publishing credits YET, but I hope to break through with a sale soon.


Goal #3: Art

Awesome but Completely Unrealistic Version: Quit my job and become a full-time artist.

Realistic Version: Sell a painting.

Status: I’ve had two gallery showings in the past 5 months, but haven’t sold a painting yet. So far, gallery showings appear to be much easier to get than sales.

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