Upcoming Speaking Engagements

March, 2018try! Swift Tokyo


Previous Speaking Engagements

6/8/17 – “Embracing Remote” at Open Source North  | Slides

5/17/17 – “Developing Empathy” at UIKonf  | Video

4/29/17 – “Creating Alexa Skills with Glitch” with Caitlin Collins at Women Who Code CONNECT  | Slides

4/7/2017 -“Creating Community” at RWDevCon | Video & Transcript

2/4/2017 – “Fantastic Communities and Where to Find Them” at DevFest MN 

10/28/2016 – “Poke Your Own Mongo” at 360iDev Min | Video

7/28/2016 – “Intro to iOS for Android Developers” at 360anDevVideo

4/25/2016 – “Maternity and Motherhood in Tech” at AlterConf  | Video

2/6/2016 -“The Science Behind Sexism: How Unconscious Bias Hinders Diversity in Tech” at Dev Fest MN

2/4/2016 – Mobile Developer AMA at Prime Digital Academy

11/2015 – Profiled on Nerdery.com Blog

11/13/2015An Open Discussion on Closing the Gender Gap  | Event Recap Video | Full Video

11/10/2015 – Panelist on Gender Inclusion Panel at Prime Digital Academy

8/12/2015 – Panelist on Gender Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech Workplace Panel at Prime Digital Academy

5/7/2015 – Panelist on Diversity in Tech Workplaces Panel at Prime Digital Academy