I’m a Senior Software Engineer at the Nerdery, currently focused on mobile development. However, I’ve been a developer for 17 years, starting out in database administration before moving to backend Java development. When I started at the Nerdery 4 years ago, I decided to get into iOS development, then added WordPress/PHP and Android. I am passionate about learning all aspects of the software development lifecycle and would love to learn more about UX (user experience).

My husband and I live in the outer suburbs of Minneapolis with our two young girls. In my free time, I pursue many creative passions. I paint, write speculative fiction, ballroom dance, and enjoy many various forms of exercise (MMA, yoga, pilates, Zumba).

I’m also passionate about diversity in tech. In August 2015, I started the Twin Cities network of Women Who Code. This non-profit group is dedicated to advancing the careers of female developers. I’ve presented about diversity and unconscious bias at local businesses and development conferences. I mentor women at Prime Digital Academy, Girl Develop It Minneapolis, Women Who Code Twin Cities, and through personal connections. I enjoy working with local businesses to find ways to support diversity and inclusion in tech.