I’m a Software Engineer at Atlassian, working on the Trello iOS application. I’ve been a developer for over 18 years, starting out in database administration before moving to middleware and backend Java development. When I started at the Nerdery 4 years ago, I decided to move into iOS development, then added WordPress/PHP and Android. For the past three years, I’ve focused solely on iOS. I am passionate about learning all aspects of the software development lifecycle and would love to learn more about UX (user experience) and game development. I’ve spoken at tech conferences in the US and Europe (you can find the full list here).

My husband and I live in the outer suburbs of Minneapolis with our two daughters. In my free time, I pursue many creative passions, including painting, writing speculative fiction, and ballroom dancing.

I’m also passionate about diversity in tech. In August 2015, I started the Twin Cities network of Women Who Code. This non-profit group is dedicated to advancing the careers of women in technology. I’ve given talks about diversity and unconscious bias at local businesses and development conferences. I mentor women at Prime Digital Academy, Girl Develop It Minneapolis, Women Who Code Twin Cities, and through personal connections. I enjoy working with local businesses to find ways to support diversity and inclusion in tech.

You can find me online at:

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